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Hipcooks Newsletter

Newsletter for: August 12, 2008

Hello, Happy Hipcooks!

This is the one you've all been waiting for, eh?  In this newsletter I'll announce the New Class Contest Winners, but first, a few quick messages from our sponsor:

We're saying goodbye to some great summer menus, go this is your last chance for classes like Pack it up! (wonderful summer treats like brownies, strawberry shortcake, focaccia sandwiches).  Endless Summer Salads, the rockin'est knife skills class ever, is going bye-bye until next year.  Not a leaf of green - a class rich in protein for vegetarians and vegans alike.  Last chance to get your grill on with Thrill of the Grill 1 & 2 - a great class for the lads.
Don't despair, we are keeping classes, too :  Hipcooks Day Class series is continuing on Sept, 10th with Summer in Paris.  Need I say "pots de creme au chocolate"?  Mais oui!
  • Knife it up!  Did you know that you can  bring your knifes to any Hipcooks class and we'll sharpen 'em up at the end of class fo' free?!  Just sayin'!
  • Looking to be the next Food Network star, but you are a hopeless cook?  Here's your chance: FN is looking for the most disastrous cooks in the country to participate in a very different culinary competition show.  Of course, if you are a hopeless cook and are over it - come to Hipcooks and we'll sort you right out.

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for, (a drumroll, please)....

New Class Contest Winners!!

Oh, the competition was fierce, the entries were many and fabulous, and I am a horrible person to narrow it down and choose just one winner.  (Of course, we all win with new great classes!)  So here are the multiple winners of the contest.  Since there are so many winners, all get a free class each.  Thank you, thank you, thank you all for all your enthusiasm.  All new classes are added at  Hipcooks West. Click on the link to be teleported to the new schedule.

  • Jamaican Me Crazy  This is our Caribbean class - think Island cooking - black bean soup, plantains, jerk chicken, rum drinks. Ya, mahn!  Alyson has already snatched this up to teach, and here are the winners (many entries on this one!):  Karen R, Danielle K, Jen L, Jazmine D, Josh M, & Liz - Come on Down!  You Win!
  • Oy Vey!  Jewish cooking without the drama.  Hipcooks Style - with outrageously delicious food and no Manischewitz. We'll throw tons of herbs in the matzoh balls for the most delicious soup ever, potato pancakes, flourless & butterless cakes where you die and go to heaven!  (OK, a little drama is fun!) Jealous Gentiles welcome!!  This class had two very special entries  - one student was so enthused by the idea, that she's like to teach it!  So I am collaborating with Susan Silverberg to pop this class on before the holy days in September.  Chelsea N, Come on down!  da-da, da-da dadda dadda da.  You are the next contestant in the Oy Vey Class!
  • Mommy & Me!  A class for busy Moms, who want healthy choices to feed weening little ones, and still whip up a sophisticated meal for the rest of the fam.  Now, I am sad to say that we cannot actually allow babies to attend (liability issues and all), but Moms (and Mr Moms) are welcome!  This one I'm snapping up to teach myself, although it will be a couple of months before you see it on the calendar.  I have LOTS of reading to do on food-balancing for little ones, introduction of new foods, etc so that I can give you the most informative class ever.  Jen H, Carrie D, Edie E - Come on Down!!  I can't wait to teach this class for you!
  • The Ragin' Cajun  N'Orleans comes to Hipcooks. Come on down, y'all!  We'll be servin' up Shrimp Étouffée, collard greens, bananas foster.  (special note to the winner - um, I deleted your email by mistake.  sorry!  i'll recognize you - please email me!)

Runner Ups:

There were too many great ideas!  I had to choose these runner-ups  that will become classes in due time.  Runner ups - please email me with your mailing address to send you something nice from Hipcooks:

  • Herbivore - Gardening and Cooking with herbs.  This is so quintessential Hipcooks.  Thanks Danielle K and Samantha F for this great suggestion.  In this workshop, we garden and plant herbs, show you how to maintain, pest control etc.  Next we cook with herbs and show you all the great things you can do with each.  Keep you eyes peeled next spring for this one!
  • Farmer's Market Tour.  Thanks Annelise P!  Here, Bonny will take you on a tour of the Hollywood Farmer's Market.  Bring the ingred back to Hipcooks, and have a feast.  Think Iron Chef meets Green Living. 

And some honorable mentions:  High Tea (Lauren F), Bread Making Class (Jenny, Danielle, Melanie, Lindsay, Liz) Porkers and Pigs - pulled pork, bacon dishes, etc (Kim), Oktoberfest (Lauren and Martha), and a Cheese Class).

Happy  Happy Healthy summer, Hipcooks.  Hope to see you soon!

Eat well, Be well,

- to be combined with the bread class, I think! (Jenny, Danielle