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Hipcooks Newsletter

Newsletter for: September 29, 2005

Hello chefs!

I'll make this newsletter short and sweet:

  • The new schedule is out!
Please check out to see details and sign up, but here are some highlights:
Hot Soup Focus Group is back!  Now that the weather is turning, you'll need some delicious soup to warm your belly on cold nights.

Brown Baggin' It is up, per your requests!  Sick of eating yucky, bad for you & expensive cafeteria food?  I'll shop the farmer's market on Sunday morning for ingredients and we'll meet that afternoon to cook your lunches for the rest of the week.  I'll supply the Tupperware, you bring the willpower not to eat all your lunches before Friday! 

I Ain't No Turkey
, the class that teaches you Hipcooks twists on classic Thanksgiving faves, shows you how to be a no-stress Thanksgiving host.  Pumpkin souffle with cognac cream, need I say more?
  • Mark your calendars for Artwalk
November 12th and 13th.  Open studios here at the Brewery.  Tons of fun.  More details closer to the date.
  • The Cutting Boards are IN!
Okay, I lied!  The cutting boards are not really in, the wood I ordered is apparently still stuck at port.  But I just spoke with my supplier who triple-promises that I will have them in a week.  Please give me another week after that to treat them all.  But then, they will be ready!  And I know that those of you who have been waiting have been very patient!  So let's do the following....if you would like to order boards ($40 each), then please send me an email with "cutting board" in the subject.  I'll set them aside for you and let you know when ready for pick-up.
  • No recipe this month!  (I am sooo busy.) Besides, not enough people wrote to tell me how killer the fig bruschetta recipe is (recipe from last month) and I am sad.  HA!

Eat well, Be well,